Training Camp

Together, in a challenging scenario, our only focus for an entire weekend is to train and exceed our limits. Training camps are part of the FSTEAM team’s regular training and event calendar. With the support of brands and partners, we put our entire technical team at the disposal of athletes. Training camps include route planning for all levels, support logistics with car, food and hydration, as well as lectures on topics involving the universe of training.

Training Camp Bento Gonçalves / Serra Gaúcha

July, 2019

A hard-working weekend, with lots of fun and trust! Incredible support from our partners Bike Garden / Specialized, Care Club POA, Dux Nutrition Lab, and Lote20. 160k completed and about 3,000m of cumulative altimetry.

Training Camp Urubici (SC)

FSTEAM & Ironmind

February, 2019

How about being where you want to be, doing what you love to do and with whom you like?
So… fantastic event, again! Large group. A weekend, a trip, and lots of training to make history!!160k completed and about 3,000m of cumulative elevation gain.

Training Camp Urubici (SC)

February, 2018 

An event that exceeded expectations. What a weekend!!! Three perfect days, specially how it should have been!!
150k completed and 3,000m of accumulated altimetry.

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