Inside your workouts

How do we guarantee that, on the day of the race, of your great goal, you will be at the peak of your physical and mental conditioning?

Nowadays, to support athletes and coaches, technology is available to facilitate and collaborate in a very significant way with the whole process that involves hitting this target.

Cardiac monitors, power meters, several gadgets, software, and other tools are capable of producing a true portfolio on each training session. Several data on frequency, duration, intensity, zones, and training loads triangulate and communicate through graphs.

However, the greatestchallenge is being able to READ, ANALYZE, and USE THE DATA OR RESULTS IN FAVOR of the person who produced them: you

Broad knowledge of physiological, technical, and tactical aspects of training is required. Under the supervision of Frank Silvestrin, all FSTEAM coaches can do this. Besides, we designate an exclusive coach to monitor the metrics produced by our athletes.