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Who we are

Training, motivating, and improving athletes’ performance is what we most enjoy doing. Therefore, we know how to do this with consistency, planning, and structure, both online and offline, for triathlon, running, and cycling, whatever your level is.

How it works

Access the PLANS to get to know the current options and conditions. When choosing one, you will need to fill out a form. After completing your registration, within 24 hours one of our coaches will make the first personal contact to seek additional information by understanding your profile, sport history, specific goals, and daily routine. We use the TrainingPeaks® app for prescribing training spreadsheets. By downloading the app, you will access your spreadsheet from wherever you are, on your phone or desktop.

Planning Spreadsheets

We will send the spreadsheets weekly, taking into account the feedback from previous workout sessions. Each athlete will have his or her training prescribed and adapted according to his or her individuality and next objective, respecting the conditioning
stage, time available for practice, and daily routine.

Contact the coach

Email, WhatsApp (at times agreed between the parties), and the training app are the main ways to contact the coaches. Training in person take place in Porto Alegre, every Wednesday, at two times, in the state Training Center – CETE. The FS Experience methodology can be done remotely, without any loss.


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