FS Experience

Frank Silvestrin guides and supervises our coaches to meet our athletes’ different needs and expectations. From the beginner in practice to the most experienced in races, we will work on your goals, always respecting the Principles of Sports Training – the foundation of our knowledge.

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Due to a theoretical-practical experience of more than 20 years as a triathlete and coach, Frank Silvestrin developed a way of working followed by all our coaches and with the following

  • complete, as FS methodology considers the athlete as a whole and not just his or her physiology and physical responses;
  • individualized, as it traces the step by step and the goals of each athlete taking into account their history and profile;
  • advanced and constantly updated, as it is supported by the main studies and authors in the field of sports training;
  • balanced and reliable, because it maintains criteria and a training vision apart from fads;
  • stable and safe, because it is based on progressive steps, in a consistent gradual process, with medium and long term feedback that promotes and cultivates the athlete’s longevity and maturity;
  • transformative, because it puts you on a new physical and mental level, with reflexes in all areas of your life;

    Frank Silvestrin

    Triathlete since 1999
    PRO triathlete since 2001
    Coach since 2006
    Physical Educator – PUCRS

    Daniela Ongaratto

    Triathlete since 2007
    Coach since 2008 / Technician level 1 – CbTri
    Specialist in Exercise Physiology – UFRGS
    Master of Science in Human Movement – UFRGS

    Daniel Alves

    FSTEAM Coordinator in Pelotas
    Triathlete since 2016
    Triathlon coach since 2017
    Physical educator / Personal since 2016